What We Do

Fountain of Hope Relief Centre (FOHRC) is a duly registered NGO operating in Nairobi and Kiambu Counties. The NGO shall seek to holistically address issues affecting orphans and vulnerable children especially in informal settlements. FOHRC shall focus on provision of psychosocial support directed at initiating growth, self worth and development of a child.


Health And Nutrition

Using a comprehensive, community-based approach, we will focus on improving the interface between the community and the health systems; providing ambulatory primary care; fostering maternal-child health, reproductive health, family planning, safe water initiatives; and controlling malaria, TB, and HIV across all life cycles in a coordinated manner at all levels of care.


Education Support

Educational status is an important indicator of children's wellbeing and future life opportunities. It can predict growth potential and economic viability of a state. While this is an ideal situation for all children, the case may be different for orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) due to the challenges they go through on a daily basis.

FOHRC has a huge influence on communities as educators because of our ability to reach large masses of people of different ages at any given time through churches and grass root - community structures. Hence we are well placed to tackle behaviour formation issue and inculcate desired moral values conducive to battle against HIV & AIDS.

Regular home visits enable the volunteers to discuss HIV & AIDS and sexual behavior with family members. This also helps the sick person to disclose his/her status - if not immediately, then later, after counseling - to a circle of family members and friends.



Community Mobilization

It is still necessary for FOHRC to devote considerable staff time and resources to informing, mobilizing, motivating and challenging the communities about the reality of HIV & AIDS, Orphans and the urgent need for practical action from all sections of the community. This is mainly done through numerous workshops: FOHRC staff and volunteers facilitate workshops and give talks at an ever-growing number of schools, businesses, Churches and community groups. In our Action Plan for 2015, FOHRC plans to facilitate a total of 30 education and awareness workshops involving over 10,000 people in the Nairobi Area. These workshops cover not only the basic facts about Orphan Child Care, support and prevention but also living positively with HIV and what practical steps can be taken by particular sections of the society (e.g. Churches, Schools, Workplaces) to respond to the challenges of the epidemic. From the outset, FOHRC has made a point of involving people living with HIV&AIDS on poverty siren areas in giving talks and facilitating workshops.  

Outreach activities

FOHRC staff and volunteers give talks about HIV & AIDS, sexual behavior and other health issues at churches, schools, small Christian communities meetings, in public awareness campaigns and special events. The volunteers use these opportunities to encourage communities to be more open about the reality of HIV & AIDS to combat AIDS related stigma, discrimination and to dispel misinformation about how HIV is transmitted. They also take the opportunity to encourage the people to go for VCT services.

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