Who We Are

We are an organisation thats is commited to child welfare and the effects of their growth within the society. We try to offer the most suitable solutions to a child well-being, creating a little heaven here on earth.



FOHRC is a humanitarian response to the AIDS orphan and poverty abadonment crisis in Kenya. According to the biblical mandates to care for orphans, including: James 1:27; Matthew 25:35-40; Matthew 28:19-20. Fountain of Hope Relief Centre seeks to raise funds for developing discipleship homes, education centres and baby rescue homes and to raise education sponsorships to meet the ongoing daily needs of orphaned and abandoned children. FOHRC is also dedicated to helping train and support local staff (nationals), mission teams and missionaries to be the hands of Jesus in nurturing orphaned and abandoned children.
We also help families of children at risk of abandonment and gives them secure futures within their communities. We work to strengthen families and communities so they can care for their own children. We believe that poverty and ill health are not reasons for separating children from their families and that children living in institutions should be resettled as soon as possible through family tracing and reunification or fostering.

Our Vision

A society in which children live life to the fullest.

Our Mission

To improve the lives of young people by providing excellent social care with compassion and understanding by empowering families, schools and communities.

Our Values

FOHRC adheres, respects and practices the following principles as our core values;

  • Equity
  • Accountability
  • Professionalism
  • Team Work
  • Integrity